Split Single Vol. 1: “Bon Courage” [TM06]

by Tom Csatari & Julian Cubillos

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Two (2) individual tracks (each) from multi-instrumentalist (and ace producer) Julian Cubillos and guitarist/composer (and enviro-analyst) Tom Csatari. This shared digital release includes one (1) full band original song and one (1) solo performance B-side from each artist. Released by Tiny Montgomery Records, 2015 (TM06).

Dedicated to Judy Burrows (“Bon Voyage, et Bon Courage!”).

Photo by Levon Henry; design by TC/JC.



released May 26, 2015


"By a Thread" (Cubillos):

Recorded at 77 Linden, Brooklyn on April 12th, 2015. Mixed and mastered by Julian Cubillos.

Julian Cubillos — vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion
Eric Read — drums, percussion
Jay Rudolph — keyboards, bass, drums, percussion

"Bon Voyage" (Csatari):

Recorded Live at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1) on September 22nd, 2013. Mixed and mastered by Julian Cubillos and Tom Csatari at 77 Linden.

Tristan Cooley — flute
Kyle Wilson — tenor saxophone
Levon Henry — bass clarinet
Nick Jozwiak — cello
Adriel Williams — violin
Tom Csatari — electric guitar
Matt Rousseau — double bass
Eric Read — percussion
Rachel Housle — percussion



"Price of Guilt" (Cubillos):
Recorded to cassette via 4-track and 60's-era pill microphone.

"After Plastic" (Csatari):
Recorded via iPhone 4, iO6 "Voice Memo" application.



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Track Name: Julian Cubillos - By a Thread
but by a thread do i hang for thee
out where the stones meet the sand and sea
and for all the winter's trials
i seem to believe in a greater thing

around she goes

the water's cold and the ice is thin
you try to go, but you're pulled back in
ere attention set on boulevards
far away from my baby's arms

what else can i say?
what if i could stay?
tell me it's okay—
if it hurts me then it's the perfect way

are you even trying?

so where i go i will not be found
but if i stay i won't make a sound
everything considered, i'll relent
if your inner angel's content

around she goes
Track Name: Julian Cubillos - Price of Guilt
another day gone
listen to the falling rain
i'm at the bottom
could you ever feel the same?

i've got on good authority
things might change

get up at seven
coffee in a tall, dark frame
this time it's real
knock me back and separate

i'll stand in my pajamas
making scrambled eggs
you go ahead and run
before i make a mistake

after all
guilt has a price

this is a no-go
fully loaded price-to-pay
i'm in the no-zone
kicking up the blue-black clay

forgive me when i'm gone
if you feel okay
forgive us if you feel
it was all a waste

after all
guilt has a price